ELAS was founded in 2004. The company operate in the fields of:

- Solid-fuel and gas burners, boilers, heat generators production
- Controllers and sensors production
- Industrial automation
- Software, SCADA development
- Dispatching systems
- System integration

In 2010 ELAS united with mechanical factory PROMGAZTECHNOLOGIYA

Our Mission:

ELAS is dedicated to creating complete solutions: designing, production, installation, commissioning.

ELAS can offer manufacturing of electronics hardware, software, and mechanical components in one manufacturer.

We can offer the customer a complete and cost-competitive solution.

- Controllers Vega series
- UV flame sensors and ionization probes
- Burner, boiler management systems
- Communication controllers
- Contract production


- Software Dispatcher
- SCADA development


- Solid-fuel and gas burners (0.25-4 MW)
- Dust fuel boilers UTV series (0.8-5 MW)
- Gas burners and heat generators (0.1-25 MW)
- Domestic solid-fuel boilers KST


- Ready solutions for boiler plants, dryers
- Automation of boilers, heat stations
- Automation of dryers
- System integrator for Siemens, Schneider Electric, Unitronics
- Project and installation work


Flame detector UFD-IP65

To control the flame of gas and liquid-fuel burners. UV sensor. Price with VAT 5280 UAH

Block automatic control Vega-module 2.3

To control the burners, boilers, teploahrehatamy, dryers, ovens, process equipment. Price with VAT 17250 UAH

Fuel flame detector IND

To control the flame of gas and liquid-fuel burners. Connecting to the control electrodes. Price with VAT: 2520 UAH

The converter interfaces USB to RS485 / RS232

Price with VAT: 1380 UAH


For scheduling objects. Connects to BAU Vega. Price with VAT: 2200 UAH


07 june 2022

Solid fuel feeding line

Automation of steam boiler 16t/h fuel supply line


15 april 2022

Automation of Steam Boiler House

Automation of Steam Boiler House.


28 march 2022

Replacement of boiler automation LOOS UL-S

Replacement of regular automation of steam boiler LOOS UL-S.


07 october 2020

30 MWt Boiler House in the Ternopil

ELAS has completed the installation and adjustment works for the boiler house reconstruction


2 march 2020

Solid fuel Boiler House in the Zaporizhya

Integrated Automation of Solid fuel Boiler House 6MWt in the Zaporizhya


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